SGF for Kropki explained here, and here is a proposal for the RU (rules) property. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments.

How to prepare a Kropki problem

  1. Setup initial position using e.g. blank board. It's IMPORTANT to use only tools for placing stones (select white or black stone from Tools) -- DO NOT use 'Play' tool. Currently, it's impossible to setup stops, so in the initial position there may be no stops.

  2. After setting up the initial position, it's good to save (save also the link!), so you can revert the unwanted changes.

  3. Play out the correct variation(s) and also some wrong variations that you think people might play. When you reach the last move in the CORRECT variation, add comment 'RIGHT' (without quotes) to that move, using the appropriate tool. If you also want to put your own comment, make sure it ends with the word RIGHT -- this 'RIGHT' is recognized by EidoKropki and may be translated into other languages. You don't have to comment wrong variations -- EidoKropki recognizes them by a lack of the word 'RIGHT'.

  4. Test the problem using problem viewer. To use it, manually change 'index.phtml' in your URL to 'problemview.phtml', leaving id of your problem unchanged, but deleting the permalink part from a colon ':' to the end. For example, if your problem's URL is index.phtml#jpsvBmE:0,0, then change it to problemview.phtml#jpsvBmE

  5. You may want to use a tool to edit game info, where you can for example put your name etc. Don't forget to save. When you're done, download the SGF with your problem for safety reasons.

  6. If you are familiar with the SGF file format, you may also edit the SGF using some text editor and then upload the SGF.